Brian Glicklich

Digitally Focused Strategic Communications for Critical and Adversarial Business Events.

During crucial moments in the life of your enterprise, you must do more than simply “tell your story.” You must make an impact; moving audiences & markets to your side. When it comes to public opinion, first impressions count.

These specialized communication initiatives are conducted in broadcast and online for organizations and prominent individuals by {BRACE} Strategy. Led by Brian Glicklich, we are a next generation communications consultancy that creates and delivers winning messages across the entire communications ecosystem, including digital and social media as well as broadcast and print.

With more than 20 years of success, we are ready to effectively advance your message with authenticity.


Core Practice Areas:


Crisis Strategy & Message

We help our clients develop and execute authentic, effective strategies for crisis driven digital initiatives.

We repair reputation problems effectively

Reputation & Search Engines

We are leading experts in correcting reputation problems and building search rank through Technology, Content, and Media driven SEO.


Forensic Investigation

Gadflys, stalkers, and data breeches… we deploy and manage resources to identify and mitigate damage.


Digital Marketing

For advocacy, for audience aggregation, or for revenue, we plan & deploy sophisticated advertising campaigns.


Social Media Strategy

We manage social media accounts and campaigns for more than just followers; we find real revenue.


Website & App Building

We build tactical web products quickly, cleanly, and beautifully, so you can put them to work faster.


{BRACE} Strategy is Engaged by High Performance Organizations and Individuals in High Stakes Situations.

Public Affairs

We create and deliver end-to-end digital campaigns for legislation, regulation, initiatives, entitlements, and public policy. We have twenty years of experience creating fast & effective activism campaigns.

Boycott Defense

No organization has more experience defeating special interest advocacies harassing your organization with digital and physical brand boycotts and business disruptions, quickly.

Breach Communications

When your systems are breached, a pragmatic strategy developed by experts can protect the future of your business. We have advised on the largest breaches in the U.S.

Civil/Criminal Litigation

When you sue or are sued, your business reputation is at stake. When you are criminally charged, your freedom is at stake. We develop communication strategies to defend you and your interests.

Shareholder Activism

We represent public companies facing shareholder initiatives and activism, using our own digital toolsets, and effective comprehensive strategies delivered with great speed.

Revenue Development

Membership, donor strategies, and digital commerce… we prepare and deploy 360 plans to maximize your revenue profile among your current lists while growing new ones.


Online anonymity is a breeding ground for threats, and our forensic resources identify, assess, and remediate gadfly and stalkers. We deploy a team with investigators, counsel, & specialists, working 24/7.

Reputation Correction

Damaging your reputation online is faster than ever. We are experts at developing and deploying mitigation solutions, using two decades of experience in online reputation management that really works.

Filmed Communications

Video moves opinion in ways beyond that of the printed word, and we develop and produce persuasive video products in conjunction with many of our plans .

“When winning is the only option, Brace Strategy is the special forces of opinion management. We employ some of the smartest minds in every discipline of broadcast and digital communications, and have a bias towards rapid action… Often overnight.”

In most so-called grassroots opposition advocacies, large organizations on defense are burdened by multiple stakeholders, unclear decision-making processes, and hard-to-quantify risk vectors, no matter what they choose to do.

We level the playing field by bringing twenty years of experience to winning every fight.


Case: Advertiser Boycott Defense

Our internationally renowned broadcaster client was the subject of a years-long, well funded and partisan boycott effort, driven by political special interests.

We built and executed a campaign that identified those behind it, and ended their ability to harm our client’s business and reputation. We used forensic investigation, social media, tactical websites, and litigation to neutralize their harassment & intimidation effort directed at advertisers and the program.



Case: Reputation Correction

Our CEO client of a large investment firm had been charged with criminal offenses, which were widely reported in print and broadcast. He was subsequently diverted to a prosecution alternative, but the stories remained. We tailored a digital and media strategy that established him as a subject authority in his field. This resulted in dozens of positive stories that both “pushed down” the negative ones from search results, and caused people searching for him online to see him in a highly positive light.

Case: Celebrity Stalking

Our world famous actress client was the target of an online stalker who deployed malicious software to be able to track her movements.

In 24 hours, we neutralized the malicious software, forensically identified the attacker, and worked with her management and counsel to deploy a legal strategy that was successful in ending the threat.


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